A kitten who loves to lie on his back finds his best friend in the dog

A kittenloves to lie on his back

Despite widespread misconceptions that cats and dogs cannot get along, Jessie, 3, and Koda, a 4-month-old rescue kitten, have formed an unshakable friendship.

The canine pals live with Emily Aubrecht in Alberta, Canada, and their favorite activity is having excursions together. The adorable pictures show the couple together as they explore a part of the Canadian wilderness.

Koda even manages to “stick” to Jessie’s back while they are out for a walk. According to Emily, Jessie is extremely vivacious and sociable and enjoys swimming, hiking, and bike trips.

Koda is also brash and disorderly. He likes playing outside, chasing feather toys, and eating wet food.

Emily took in Koda as a result of a crowded home. Jessie and Koda “connected right away; she must have thought she was her baby.”

In addition, Koda was immediately cordial with Jessie and never snapped or acted otherwise. They frequently take naps and play together, according to Emily. They go on adventures together and especially enjoy going to the river or the pet store, she continued.

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