A large bear toy was used to sooth the small horse

Bear toy and horse

After Breeze’s birth, his mother left the tiny colt alone. Thankfully, the farmer called the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, and they came right away to assist. They brought the tiny horse and started giving him a lot of care and affection. Breeze had a severe depression. Additionally, the staff was making every effort to sooth and warm him.

But the caretaker took him to see his biggest friend, a large teddy bear, and it made him feel at ease and satisfied. It definitely surprised me to see how often he played with the toy or cuddled him to go to sleep.

For company and comfort, the sanctuary’s volunteers always give toys to the orphaned animals. And it appears that this approach is effective.

Due to the good treatment, Breeze feels better and more protected right now. He is delighted and content with his gorgeous companion.

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