A man bottle-fed a tiny cat on the metro, and it went viral

A man bottle-fed a tiny cat

The New York City subway ride is always entertaining. You can never predict what you will see there.

When Gillian Roberts was in the metro, she witnessed an incredible scene.

In order to remember this scene, she made the decision to capture it on camera. It was quite sensitive and sentimental.

She noticed a man seated in the metro with a tiny cat wrapped in a towel.

The story of the man bottle- feeding a small kitty on the subway went viral

In the cutest way possible, he was using a bottle to feed the little kitten.

The fact that there are still individuals on this planet that care for these little animals is so endearing.

It was quite amazing to watch a man tending to such a cute little creature. The woman’s heart melted at that scene.

It demonstrated how kind a man can be toward animals.

She decided to approach that man and converse briefly with him in addition to shooting pictures of this lovely scenario.

He claimed to have discovered the adorable cat in an alley and chosen to save her.

He wanted to contribute everything he had.

The man who saved the little kitten is adored by her.

The story of the man bottle- feeding a small kitty on the subway went viral

The only one who cared about the cat’s welfare was him.

He was feeding her and the cat was watching him intently.

It is incredible to meet such generous folks.

You realise after viewing them that roaming animals make this earth a better one.

The woman was delighted by this tale!

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