A man pushes his sick dog in a wheelbarrow on one final hike

A heart-breaking story about a sick dog and his owner

Age makes it harder and harder for animals to move around. Older dogs may have trouble moving due to disease and old age.

However, it’s also a time when you want to make your pet’s days unique since you know they might not have much time left and you want to give them the opportunity to travel and make memories. And some owners devise unique solutions to facilitate their elderly canines’ mobility.

Monty, Carlos Fresco’s 10-year-old labradoodle, accompanied him everywhere. He went on innumerable hikes and walks with the dog. But when Monty was given a leukaemia diagnosis, he understood that the canine’s days were numbered.

When the cancer returned, I realised Monty was approaching death.

He was given his diagnosis 18 months ago, and his chemotherapy treatment went quite well. Sadly, the disease reappeared eight weeks ago, and his condition rapidly deteriorated.

Monty was to go on one more major excursion with Carlos, taking him to one of their favourite hiking locations: Pen-y-Fan in the Welsh Brecon Beacons.

Though Monty was no stranger to hiking, his deteriorating health made moving around more and more challenging. Carlos feared his dog wouldn’t be able to ascend because of the height.

He therefore made an adjustment. With a wheelbarrow, he assisted his friend in up the slope!

They ascended the hill collectively. Numerous additional tourists were drawn to the automobile. Carlos claims that after hearing about Monty’s predicament, several people “cried” and showed sympathy, and some even offered to lift Monty up the hill.

The dog’s voyage turned out to be his last. On June 21, Monty perished.

He was a very unique boy. God be with him.

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