A man saved a young bear cub, and the infant now resides on his farm with him

A young bear cub

In the settlement in the Belarusian region of Borisov, an unexpected visitor once arrived. The villagers, though, were not alarmed by its appearance. The brown bear was actually fairly small.

The village’s farm owner, Nikolai Terletsky, made the decision to take the young bear for himself. It was revealed to be a female. Nikolai gave her the name Vasilisa.

Keeping certain animals that are listed in the Red Book at home is prohibited in Belarus. Terletsky therefore took the animal to several authorities. The wild animal should be released into the woods, the farmer was informed there. Also, to put it to sleep.

Nikolai realised Vasilisa couldn’t exist on her alone. She is too little to obtain nourishment on her own. The second option, which was to put her to sleep, was not what the man wanted to hear.

Then Terletsky started calling zoos in an effort to get the animal there. However, he was informed that they do not accept such tiny animals.

Nikolai made the decision to track out Vasilisa’s mother after this failure. He strolled through the surrounding forest with his fellow huntsmen. However, the adult bear was nowhere to be seen.

Terletsky ultimately succeeded in obtaining authorization documents proving his legal right to keep the wild animal on his land. The young girl is finally secure. She has a house of her own, an aviary Nikolai constructed.

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