A Minnesotan man creates a 12-foot-tall snow sculpture that resembles a real Tyrannosaurus rex

Wonderful 12-foot-tall snow sculptures

T-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul Larcom

A snowy day is a perfect opportunity to venture outside and construct anything imaginative. And whereas for the majority it entails building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other, other people have higher aspirations. Paul Larcom, a native of Minnesota, has built his magnificent works on the basis of the government’s icy seasons. The idea for this year was a giant T-rex, which has been a smashing success both locally and digitally.

Larcom, who is based in the city of Becker, has been making substantial, intricate ice statues for years, but this was his first effort at a topic of this size. The dinosaur stands out in the maker’s garden at roughly 12 feet tall and 23 feet long. It is situated so that the many teeth lining the T-mouth rex’s are glaring back at walkers and driving motorists from the neighbouring street. Larcom explained, “This year I decided to do something large, so I thought I’d try a dinosaur this time and thought others might enjoy seeing it.”

The enormous sculpture took the artist around 3 weeks of intermittent work to complete. Larcom used two enormous branches as the framework for the legs, another substantial limb for the torso of the dinosaur, and several smaller bits of wood for the mouth and arms—all of which he covered in layers of snow to ensure the artwork would be sturdy. He used a sculptor’s loop device to design the T-body rex’s before spray-painting the whole sculpture in brown and yellow to give it the distinctive pattern of the extinct species. The image is all the more startling and stunning because of the surprising use of colour on the pristine snow.

Before it disappears, see this sculpture on Sherburne Street in Becker, Minnesota.

Snow was used to create a 12-foot-tall by 23-foot-long T-rex statue by Minnesotan Paul Larcom.

T-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul Larcom

He created the dinosaur’s bones out of huge twigs and covered them with snow.

T-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul Larcom

Every one of the teeth were precisely sculpted by Larcom before being fitted into the T-jaw. rex’s

T-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul Larcom

T-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul Larcom

The rex’s body was then graffitied to give it a realistic appearance. Quite cool!

T-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul LarcomT-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul LarcomT-Rex Snow Sculpture by Paul Larcom

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