A newborn elephant witnessing the rescuers rescuing her mother in a painful situation

How a newborn elephant help rescuers to save his mother’s life

A 10-year-old elephant and her calf emerged in a deep, muddy hole in Thailand after a particularly heavy downpour, and they were unable to escape on their own. To assist, a crew of rescuers and volunteers arrived. They attempted to put them out, but the mom’s anxiety made the rescue challenging.

She includes 3 doses of tranquilizers from the rangers and veterinarians since she wouldn’t let them near her infant. She also banged her head and became unconscious when she moved to her calf just before passing out. Her life was in danger, but the crew did everything they could to save her.

They worked quite hard to ultimately remove her. The baby was then also extracted by the rescuers. The elephant was then subjected to PCR in an effort to resuscitate her. The sad calf approached her mother at that same moment and looked at her with intense sorrow as if she realized what was occurring. Then it started consuming milk, which gave the crew optimism that they could save the poor animal.

Images of a sweet moment when a newborn watched her worried mother when she was unconscious and in a bad situation are distressing.

Fortunately, the group was able to free the mom elephant, who was reunited with her young. The group claimed that it was their most treasured memory and that the poignant scene would live on in their hearts forever.

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