A popular youtuber develops into a prosperous contemporary sculptor

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Bronze Sculpture by Federico Clapis

Federico Clapis, an Italian artist, entered the field of modern art in a distinctive way. He was a material producer for years before becoming a full-time artist, creating popular Youtube clips. Then, in 2015, he gave up his position as an influencer and started using his networks to share his true love of sculpture. It shouldn’t be a shock that tech is essential to his art either.

His resin and bronze statues appear to be surprisingly classical at first sight. But when one looks carefully, these maternal representations reveal much more than what first appears. The womb of a woman is filled with her developing kid in The Connection, but this “connection” isn’t entirely what it seems. We witness the fetus engrossed in a phone, already one step ahead in interacting with the outside world, even though mom and kid are physically united.

Another artwork shows a drone in the stork’s place, preparing to deliver a child to its new home. Addolorato Concezione, which refers to “Painful Conception,” features a mother holding a baby that isn’t really in her hands while donning virtual reality eyeglasses. This lack of a child makes for a potent remark on the desire for a family. Virtual reality’s introduction might be seen as a metaphor for the extent people will go to in order to realize their dreams.

Given Clapis’ experience with digital culture, it makes sense that bits of tech find their way into his creations. He believes that social media and technology are such fundamental components of his generation that he is unable to evaluate it impartially. Rather, he uses poetry as a means of exploring such issues as love, loss, and the difficulties of personal relations. Finally, it serves as a channel for Clapis to communicate with his supporters.

Clapis informs My Contemporary Met, “I try to welcome people to respond on my work each day. “Each artwork can be a tool for self-analysis, not because I’m trying to imitate my previous lifestyle as a YouTuber. As well as every remark is an act of self-exploration, whether done consciously or unconsciously, in terms of romance or misery.

Federico Clapis, a sculptor, abandoned a lucrative YouTube business to pursue a full-time career as an artist.

Federico Clapis Art About TechnologyFederico Clapis Sculpture

His work makes comments on the use of technology to investigate timeless, all-encompassing human feelings.

Federico Clapis Art About TechnologyContemporary Sculpture by Federico ClapisContemporary Sculpture by Federico Clapis

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