A puppy abandoned amid trash on the highway returns home

A puppy eventually returned home

A puppy was curled up in a ball, terrified and shaking among the old furniture and daily trash. He had not yet realized that he had been abandoned on the highway among the trash.

A little animal had been left in Lincoln County, Mississippi, near to a road, and Animal Control Officer Sharon Norton had been contacted about the situation. She rushed right away to the address and discovered a little puppy sitting on an antique recliner next to a broken TV.

Even though he was starving, the poor man resisted eating because he foolishly believed that the owner who had left him there would eventually return.

The dog was incredibly emaciated and underweight, so Sharon guessed he had been left alone for at least a week. She said she had come to help as she drew nearer to the dog. It took some time before the dog let Sharon pet him and began to consume some food.

He was wagging his tail when Sharon took him up and carried him to the truck. He most likely thought that everything bad was now behind him.

Because of Sharon’s efforts, the animal quickly received the required immunizations and was placed in a shelter. He’ll spend some time in the shelter before moving into a new house.

Sadly, owners frequently leave their dogs behind. Additionally, Sharon has seen worse cases than this one. She posts information on stray dogs on social media in the hopes that someone will see the pictures and recognize the dogs, find their owner, or take them in.

The dog was fortunate to meet Sharon; he is now safe and his life will undoubtedly improve!


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