A record number of puppies were born from Little Chihuahua

A number of cute puppies

A hugely pregnant Chihuahua with the moniker Lol (lol) was brought to the Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption animal shelter in Kansas at the end of March 2018. (USA). The dog’s former owner allegedly unintentionally let his pet to become pregnant before giving her up since he did not want to mess with the puppies.

The Chihuahua was just 18 months old, and based on the size of her severly distended belly, she was likely carrying numerous puppies. The dog appeared to spectators to be “like a balloon.”

Volunteers had little doubt that Lol was home to at least eight puppies. The most puppies a Chihuahua dog has ever reportedly given birth to was ten. prior to the LOL lawsuit.

Lol gave birth five days after being accepted into the shelter. Rebecca Taylor, a volunteer, helped the pups.

According to Rebecca, “We were told there would be about eight puppies,” so “I started taking them in.” Seven, eight… nine… ten!

Little Lol had a long and painful labor; she gave birth all through the night, and by dawn, there were up to 11 puppies resting on the bed next to her! Rebecca and the other volunteers were shocked to learn this.

All of Lol’s pups, however, were strong and healthy, which was also a surprise. The puppies were in good health, according to the veterinarian.

The volunteers asked the Guinness Book of World Records to include Lol as the Chihuahua who gave birth to the most pups in the world at once after the shock and elation of what had transpired. They were informed that they will analyze their application and reach a choice in 12 weeks.

After at least 2 months of care provided by volunteers at the shelter, Lol and her pups will start looking for a permanent home.

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