A sculptor posts on Instagram about how he makes “Glitchy” wooden figures

“Glitchy” wooden figures

Wooden Sculpture With Pixel "Glitches"

Taiwanese artist Hsu-Tung Han combines conventional woodworking methods with an uniquely contemporary aesthetic concept. Every one of his hardwood pictures is warped and has pixelated “imperfections” that hide part of the built-in details. For example, a man’s chest is shaking with wooden blocks, or half of a face is absent. These “bugs” produce a feeling that is more modern than analogue media, which has a more historical sense.

By altering the size of his manually created particles, Han gives his geometric extractions more aesthetic complexity. This is demonstrated in his most recent unfinished project, The Pacific, which he posted on social media. It provides further information about how he produces the magnificent forms. This statue depicts a man with wind-swept hair and lips puckered as if breathing on something. Han sliced slabs of the picture with certain pixels previously removed to start creating the three-dimensional shape. The artisan is currently chiselling away to give the completed shape his immaculate trademark feel and look after joining the pieces of wood altogether.

To witness the rigorous process Han is actively embroiled in to bring The Pacific to life, scroll to the bottom. After that, keep following along by visiting his Insta.

Lively wooden statues by artist Hsu-Tung Han have jagged “imperfections.”

Wooden Sculpture With Pixel "Glitches"Wooden Sculpture by Han Hsu TungWooden Sculpture by Han Hsu TungWooden Sculpture by Han Hsu Tung

Working on a new painting titled The Pacific, Han is now documenting his progress on Insta.

Wooden Sculpture With Pixel "Glitches"Wooden Sculpture With Pixel "Glitches"Wooden Sculpture With Pixel "Glitches"Wooden Sculpture With Pixel "Glitches"

Source:Instagram | Facebook

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