A singing and one of a kind and brightly painted tiny bird with its songs

This is a small bird, which to find out by a bright yellow and black striped tummy.

The magnolia warbler (Setophaga magnolia) belongs to the family of singing Parulidae family of wood warblers.

This is a small bird, which is easy to recognize by a bright yellow and black striped tummy.

Propagating males are often a white, gray or black back with yellow sides. They also have white, gray and black beaks and foreheads.

They have pronounced tails with white stripes on the underside, which are additionally emphasized by white spots on the wings.

The view has two songs: one for territorial protection from other males, and the other for seduction of the female.

Females are less noticeable than males; although comparable in shade, they look dull. Females are more like young singing birds than males.

Magnolia warbler can be found in some states of the Midwest, as well as in the Far Northeast of the United States.

However, it is mainly common in northern Canada, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.

In winter, this warbler  migrates through the eastern part of the United States to South Mexico and Central America.

Magnolia warblers love thick forests or any wooded area with young, tightly laid coniferous trees.

They eat any arthropods, but their favorites are caterpillars.

During the breeding period, they also enjoy beetles, butterflies, spiders and fruits.

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