A small shelter dog was only given six months, yet she bravely battles the odds

A little shelter dog

Similar to people, dogs can experience serious health problems that drastically reduce their lifespan.

Pipsqueak, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, was born and raised in a puppy factory. She was given to a foster family after being saved by police during one of the raids, but they had to give her away because of the situation.

Pipsqueak was fortunate because another woman, Kelsey, arrived and offered to take care of her. As Kelsey recalls, “She phoned me and said we have this small dog with specific needs and no one to adopt her.”

However, she had been informed from the start that the puppy didn’t have long to live due to her various health problems.

According to Kelsey, the smaller the dog, the more money was raised. Therefore, they frequently breed runts with runts. She has hydrocephalus, a liver shunt, spine and neck abnormalities, and jaw disorders that resulted in the loss of all her teeth, according to the information on her website.

So now you know why Pipsqueak is so little. She weighs just 1.8 pounds and is the same size as the guinea pig.

Kelsey resolved to provide the dog with whatever she required in order for her to feel secure and save for the remainder of her brief life. However, the affection she received enabled her to overcome the challenges.

As time went on, the family came to understand that Pipsqueak, despite her health challenges, still had a long life ahead of her.

She was a fighter right away, Kelsey said to GeoBeats. She never surrenders. Even when she is exhausted and not feeling well, she persists.

The pair soon welcomed other canines with specific needs into their warm home. Six other puppies, all of which are the same size as Pipsqueak, have been adopted.

Another distinctive quality of Pipsqueak is that she quacks instead of barking. But what makes her stand out the most is that she is currently a therapy dog for the charity Paws & Think.

She is gradually becoming slower as she ages. Since we never anticipated having this much time with her, we want to cherish every second, she said.

“She inspires me every single day,” I said.

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