A stray dog saved the life of an infant

A dog and an infant

Dogs require more careful attention from us because they are the ones who stick by us when we are in need.

This heartwarming tale took place in Thailand. One stray dog was strolling down the street in search of a good person who would give him food. He mistook a squeak that he heard near the trash cans for a cat’s meow. As he drew nearer, he grabbed the bundle and carried it away. No one is entirely sure how long he was travelling before turning toward one of the residences.

When one of the owners finally emerged, the dog continued to bark. They examined the strange bundle and discovered a newborn who was barely breathing. When the mother dialled 911, the infant was transferred right away to intensive care.

The puppy has been given the name Pew and has a saver-style collar, and the infant is currently being treated in a hospital and improving.

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