A stray rooster unintentionally entered a family’s home and chose to remain there

Amazing stray rooster

Chaz Sanders and her family were unwinding at home one day in early September when a rooster suddenly materialized. Everyone was confused at once.

We don’t know how he got there because, with the exception of family members, we don’t have any neighbors within a two-mile radius, Sanders said.

The rooster, who was eventually given the name Ronnie, first avoided people, but after a few days he determined this was his new home and he wasn’t leaving.

One morning, Sanders recalled, “we opened the door to let the dogs out and go, and when we looked up, he was standing in the living room.”

The family had no intention of purchasing a rooster, but as they got to know Ronnie more, they began to like him more. He turned up on their land that day for a reason, and it was soon obvious that he was destined to be here.

Sanders claims, “I fell in love with him right away.” Although I was up with animals, I never kept hens or birds. He likes attention and follows us around like a dog. He resisted being touched for the first several days and kept his distance, but after he entered the house, he warmed up without any issues. He essentially took over and now carries out his own wishes.

The family’s two dogs, Addy and Merle, quickly adopted Ronnie as a new sibling. In his new house, he is now free to do whatever he wants. But he’d rather set his own rules than always follow the house rules.

He is fiery but incredibly loyal for a girl, according to Sanders. He is a diva and behaves like a teenager. Although it could take him a few tries, he will obey your orders and yells if he doesn’t get his way.

Ronnie especially enjoys hanging around in beautiful settings, like the ceiling fan or the chandelier. While he may appear to be a dog, in reality he is a rooster who enjoys waking up his family as early as possible each morning.

After researching the best ways to take care of Ronnie, his family made the decision to get more hens to keep him company. Prior to this, they had never maintained birds, so they are thrilled to suddenly have five.

Nobody is sure why Ronnie decided to wander into the yard that day or where he came from. His new family, on the other hand, is overjoyed that he found them and can’t picture life without him

It was unquestionably meant to be, says Sanders.

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