A terrified puppy who survived a shelter fire begs a kind woman to take her in

A puppy begs a kind woman to take her in

Jacqueline Colette was thinking how difficult it would be to choose between thousands of pupps in desperate need of a houses. She had no concept that the ideal dog would choose her.

Austin Pets Alive! volunteers were shocked to see 7-month-old Donut, whom they named Cinnamon, reaching out through the bars of her cage. They notified Jacqueline that the timid dog had shown no adoration during his 11 days at the shelter.

Donutchick escaped the shelter fire uninjured, but she soon contracted parvo, so volunteers transported her to Austin Pets Alive’s parvo intense care unit.

A sewer line burst and completely overrun the parvo unit a week after Donut arrived at the new shelter. All of the dogs in the shelter, including Donut, who had just completed parvo treatment, were relocated to open kennels.

«This little girl is about 6 or 7 months old, and she’s been relocated a lot, » Jacqueline explained. «She’s never had a house, never had her own bed, and she’s been confined to a kennel. »

So, Jacqueline filled out her foster paperwork and drove away with her new foster puppy, eager to begin a new chapter in their lives around each other.

Donut was tense as they drove home, and Jacqueline sensed it. She shook, drew her ears back, and tucked her tail under her.

When Jacqueline had to turn on the windshield wipers due to a sudden thunderstorm, the dog stopped shivering and spent the rest of the drive home circling his head all around wipers.

Donut took a long bath to get rid of the sewer stench on his first day home and happily played in Jacqueline’s yard. During the wash, Donut became more loving and calmer, according to Jacqueline.

«I was trying to comfort her when she snuggled up to me and rested her head on my arm, » Jacqueline explained. And she just looked at me and said, “Thank you, lady.”

Donut’s ears perked up at first as she ran around the new yard, but they dropped when she realised she was being watched.

That night, Donutchick expressed her dissatisfaction with the idea of sleeping in the house. «She was trying so hard to sleep on the lawn, » Jacqueline says. So, Jacqueline grabbed a large blanket and sat in the yard with Donut for over an hour.

Three days after Jacqueline brought Donut home, she decided to keep him forever.

Donut has continued to open up since Jacqueline brought him home two months ago.

«It’s incredible to see the gratitude in her eyes, » says Jacqueline. «You can tell she’s thankful and content. »

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