A touching story: a cute lonely dog keeps returning to the same place, hoping that someone will save him

He waited day after day in the same place for a man with a good heart.

A pet dog charity in Romania called Moan of Dogs has discovered a wonderful stray dog named Remy. He waited day after day at the same place for a man with a good heart to deal with him, creates ilovemydogso much.

The rescuers performed it during their sterilization project in rural Romania. In rural Romania, dogs are kept most of the time only as safety or protection “devices” and not as family members. In addition to the old, terrible “traditions” still alive here, numerous domestic dogs have their noses burned with a red-hot iron to increase their resistance and also to help cure the plague.

Remy, despite his kindness, no one actually offered him a house, and he was simply assigned to take care of himself. During their stay, they were looking for a residence for him in the area, but no one wanted to do business with him. It is good that the rescuers decided to take him with them, and also began to look for family members for him outside the wilderness.

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