A touching story: this 10-year-old boy lives all alone, works in the fields and goes to school

The independent life of this 10-year-old boy and this is how this child lives alone.

This completely unique boy is already living on his own at 10 years old, working hard in the fields, planting vegetables and fruits to feed himself. In addition, an independent boy also regularly attends school and manages to keep up with all his classes.

He was still young when his mother sadly passed away. His father and grandmother had to take care of Dang. After that, his father went to work to earn money and send them money. The little boy soon learned that his father had unfortunately died in an accident after the death of his grandmother.

As soon as one of his schoolteachers learned of these tragic situations, she set up a charitable foundation to raise money for the funeral of the boy’s relatives. Dang was sent to an orphanage, where he could be adopted, but he flatly refused.

He assured that he could handle anything and live on his own.

A strong-willed and independent boy receives laudatory reviews and words of appreciation for his independence and courage every day. Many offered to adopt him, because, in spite of everything, Dang deserves a carefree childhood.

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