A traffic mirror-based hypnotic kinetic sculpture that reflects on privacy

Wonderful Hypnotic Kinetic Sculpture

SpY Kinetic Sculpture

Using 20 road reflectors, Spanish graffiti artist SpY built his first dynamic artwork. Mirror is a captivating artwork that begs the spectator to consider their own connection with mirror and the surroundings with each action. The artwork represents a new development in SpY’s social critique, who is known for his work addressing modern political and cultural themes.

These special techniques, which are a common sight in urban areas, are used by SpY to allow users to observe themselves. However, these reflectors will alter the world they view because of their design. The placement also raises privacy issues because it will unavoidably be captured on smart phones. When people pass by, the sculpture reflects their faces, maybe immortalizing them for all to see.

At the same time, Mirror is a mesmerizing artwork that continues a long legacy of abstract expressionism. It pulls in the audience and soothes them with its gentle, peristaltic movement. The piece is a result of SpY’s continuing artistic development. His artworks and exhibitions urge the audience to consider their own ideas about secrecy, identification, and safety while he pushes himself further.

The ARCO Art Fair-commissioned work Mirror is presently on display in Madrid’s El Corte Inglés chain store displays.

The latest dynamic artwork by Spanish street artist SpY is called Mirror.

Twenty convex traffic reflectors were used to make it.

Moving Sculpture by SpYSpY Kinetic Sculpture

Its hypnotically slow pace prompts spectators to consider truth and deception.

Moving Sculpture by SpYSpY Kinetic Sculpture

It also focuses on issues like how we handle anonymity and the constant monitoring around us.

SpY Kinetic SculptureMoving Sculpture by SpY

The animated statue is displayed at the El Corte Inglés chain store in Madrid’s windows.

Moving Sculpture by SpYSpY Kinetic Sculpture

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