A tree is slowly absorbing a sculpture of Jesus from a deserted cemetery

Sculpture of Jesus inside a tree


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The little Polish town of Upków was nearly totally devastated during World War II. There are currently only a few traces of this tiny community, along with a church’s foundations, a clock tower, and an empty graveyard. These signs have been recovered by environment in some stunning ways after being left unattended for many years. A statue of Jesus that has been assimilated into a tree stump is one of the most intriguing of them.

The little, black statuette’s unusual stance and design indicate that it was formerly a common representation of Jesus on the cross. The spectator can only see the head, chest, and thighs of this tiny piece because the neighboring woods has gradually engulfed the rest. Elsewhere, wood crosses that served as grave markers have also assimilated with the surrounding trees, and tombstones are hidden by moss and tall foliage. Soldiers who served in World War II were the last individuals to be interred in this abandoned cemetery.

For more eerie pictures of the ground recovering monuments like statues and icons, scroll to the bottom.

A statue of Jesus is being gradually assimilated by a tree in Upków, Poland.


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Only the ruins of the cathedral, clock tower, and cemetery survive after WWII nearly entirely devastated this little community.


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