A woman brings a puppy she finds on her porch inside

A woman brings a puppy to home

One morning, Amy Haden was taken aback when she discovered a dog lounging contentedly on their back porch. Amy originally assumed it was one of her dogs because her family already had two dogs, but her daughter quickly realises it wasn’t.

The dog was blissfully relaxing on their patio furniture throughout this time.

In her interview, Amy stated, “I had a feeling he had moved in.” He didn’t even consider getting up from the pillows until he had totally made himself at home.

The dog wouldn’t leave the same porch day after day, indicating that he was definitely content where he was.

Amy started taking care of the puppy after realising it needed a family. She started using Facebook to connect with individuals in order to find him a family.

Since the dog was unmicrochipped and none of the neighbours claimed him either, it was obvious that he had no owner at all. Amy was therefore unaware of the dog’s origins, previous locations, or characteristics. Amy invited TikTok users to give the puppy a name, and Walker received the most votes.

Over the following few months, Amy kept looking after Walker.

Thankfully, Amy quickly identified Walker’s ideal new owner, a woman who had been asking God for a new dog.

Amy described her as being very sweet. She claimed that we were the answer to her prayers and that she had been searching for a dog similar to him.

Walker undoubtedly made the right choice because, as a result of his brief foster family, he has now found a warm place to call his own. Walker’s video from Amy is below;


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