A woman restores a dilapidated and old bus for three years making it something amazing

How an old bus becomes the new one

How many people can say they converted a more than 50-year-old GMC minibus into a magnificent small house when many people fantasize of constructing or remodeling their own house one day?

One such exception is Jessie Lipskin. The 30-year-old has always known that she prefers to live a little creatively, and one day while browsing eBay, she found across a sale for a 1966 Commuter Greyhound bus that she absolutely loved for its retro style.

According to Jessie, “it was true love.” She promptly purchased the bus.

It took Jessie three years and $70,000 to turn the abandoned, run-down bus into a contemporary, spotless, and strict vegetarian mobile home; from the inside, you’d hardly know it was formerly a source of public transportation.

When everything came complete, she remarked, “I had a tremendous feeling of success. It was a labour of love.”

The 400 sq ft mobile house, which is parked near Asbury Park, New Jersey, has been Jessie’s home since January.

After seeing the film “Garbage Warrior” by designer Mike Reynolds, Jessie was inspired to lead a sustainable life.

In a new interview with Bored Panda, Jessie said, “[The movie] really connected with me. I started reading as much as I could on sustainable lives.

In the end, a mobile house seemed to be the best option, as Jessie said on Home Therapy. Finding a home to stay permanently was not a concern for me in the near term, so I could travel freely and maintain my vegetarian lifestyle.

RVs didn’t have the look she was hoping for, so she decided on a historic bus modification that could be certified and classified as an RV.

To assist her with various aspects of the project, Jessie enlisted a group of experts.

She admitted to Bored Panda, “I enjoy DIY. Unfortunately, I lack the necessary carpentry, electrical, and plumbing knowledge for this job.

Jessie successfully completed the project in the end.

The bus has a decent-sized kitchen, wood floors, three enormous cupboards, two-bedroom rooms, one full bathroom, and 2 main air conditioners. Oh, and it can be driven!

Jessie chose an all-white decor for a sleek, contemporary design, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian simplicity.

According to Jessie, the bus-bedroom building’s is her favourite space. “I enjoy the feeling of being imprisoned in my large warm bed with all my favourite books an arm’s length distant,” she said to Home Therapy.

She only wished she had done one thing differently, though.

She confessed in her Home Therapy interview, “I’d want to add a rooftop terrace.”

Jessie is particularly proud of her DIY project, which involved sanding and sealing the maple worktops in her kitchen.

They are one of the few areas where the wood grains can be seen, she claimed. I adore how it contrasts with the bright white ceiling and walls.

When visiting her house, Jessie claims that her friends typically comment on one of 2 items: “Is this really a bus?” and “My home is better than this!”

Whenever Jessie needs to relocate the bus because she is unable to operate it herself, said buddies come in handy.

She said, “I grew up in New York City, and in my mid-twenties I eventually understood how to operate, but I have yet to learn how to operate a manual transmission!”

She continued, “I have gained a lot of friends thanks to my skill to operate a 40 ft mechanical bus without steering systems.

Wanting Jessie’s portable home? You’re in fortun then.

Meanwhile, Jessie informed Home Therapy via mail that she is selling her cherished bus.

She explained, “It’s just too huge for me to operate alone.” “I have the possibility to travel abroad for a while while working abroad, and I want to take full use of this chance. After that, I’d love to go back to a small house and have a vehicle that is easier for me to drive by myself, like a Sprinter converted or an Airstream trailer being pulled.

If you have an extra $149,000, you might have the bus all to yourself. To view its Craigslist posting, visit below.

Source: 12tomatoes

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