A woman takes in 26 animals and converts her house into a shelter for animals with unique needs

A woman and 26 animals

Nicole Wulfekuhle has a deep love for animals and has dedicated her life to saving them. She has also made her home into an animal shelter.

This Minnesota woman has taken in 26 animals since 2016; they all reside with her there.

When she went to retrieve her two abandoned cats, a blind kitten in need of a home caught her attention. That kitten was the first of many animals she would later adopt.

As she continued to save and adopt additional animals, she registered her house as The Lennon Legacy, a nonprofit animal refuge. She named the dog after an Indian street dog who was blind and deaf and whom she assisted a lot before he tragically passed away following an epileptic attack.

A cat named Belle, who requires a wheelchair to go around, and a blind, bow-legged dog named Jude, who was discovered starving, dehydrated, and with his eyes gouged out by wounds, are two of the creatures Ms. Wulfekuhle saved.

She also has two goats, six dogs, and 20 additional cats. She has a packed house, and that’s an understatement!

The majority of the animals she saves were forced to be put to death, and she has given them new lives. Lennon’s Legacy’s goal is to care for these animals and spread awareness of the beauty of animals with unique needs.

In the video below, you can see June running through the snow.

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