A woman’s life was saved from drowning in the sea by dolphins

Dolphins have saved woman’s life

Khosrow Khosravani, a lecturer at a university, observed dolphins swimming close to his yacht. Soon enough, he saw that there was more to it than just being a lovely sight to behold.

A woman who was going to drown in 18-degree water was being saved by dolphins.

As Khosrow approached the dolphins, he was the first to observe the women’s feet. Without the animals, Khosrow claimed, “I would never have seen this lady who had only a few hours to live.”

He gave his friends instructions on how to keep safe on the boat before entering the sea.

They must learn these skills even though they are rarely employed in reality, Khosrow added. «And they all have to remember what I told them after 30 minutes. »

The body was completely submerged in water. She was frozen and had stopped breathing and moving. Khosrow dressed her in warm clothing and made a call to the police. Within seven minutes, the rescue crew showed up, and they all assisted in bringing the woman to shore.

Later, it became apparent that she was submerged and trapped.

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