A wonderful couple agreed to take in an unwanted puppy

An unwanted puppy

The staff at the L.A. Animal Sanctuary described Benjamin as a bad animal. Due of his deplorable appearance and lack of cuteness, the name was chosen.

He still had a dejected expression when they had to take his picture for the adaptation website. It was that face that led him to his family.

After moving into their apartment, Jessica and Jared, a young couple, were eager to expand their family. When they noticed Benjamin’s unappealing face, they began browsing adoption websites for puppies to bring home.

His appearance immediately captivated the couple, who recently took him in.

To get Benjamin, Jessica and Jared travelled from Reno to Los Angeles in six hours. Hearing that he would be adopted at the L.A. Animal Sanctuary startled everyone. Even so, they made an effort to influence the pair. However, they didn’t want to kill him there and there.

They were successful in their mission, and when they returned home, Benjamin immediately began to change. Because of Jessica and Jonathan’s affection and attention, he started to be more animated.







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