A wonderful story: this dog was discovered 2 years later, and the owner was worried that he had forgotten her

Annoyed by the loss, the owner placed an ad in the local newspaper every week.

Debbie Petrank became worried when her little snub-nosed terrier Zeus went missing from her yard in Ocala, Florida. She explored the area and made unintentional trips to city shelters, but her beloved puppy was nowhere to be seen. Annoyed by the loss, the owner of Zeus began to place an advertisement every week in the local newspaper about the loss of the pet.

Debbie received an immediate call from friends at the Dearborn Pet Shelter after almost 24 months of Zeus’s absence. She collapsed in shock when she discovered that her cherished puppy had been discovered and that he actually lay almost 1,000 miles away in Detroit! Debbie got into her car and drove straight to the orphanage to pick up her baby!

Presumably, Zeus dealt with a man who picked up a dog as a “stray” from the streets of Florida. Eventually the man moved to Michigan with Zeus, but the dog left and ended up in Detroit too! He was finally swallowed up by the regional reserve, and a test of his silicon chip showed that Debbie was his mistress!

Debbie was delighted to have found her beloved child, but by the time she arrived at the orphanage, she was in complete disarray. She was afraid that Zeus would certainly not recognize her after such a long time. However, the minute Zeus saw his worried mother, he jumped up and rushed to hug her!

The meeting of Zeus and Debbie is one of the most moving moments we have seen in a very long time! That’s why it’s so important to have your pet microchipped these days. This story gives hope to many other pet owners who are still looking for their lost pets.

Enjoy Zeus and Debbie’s gleeful reunion after two terrible years apart in the video clip below!

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