A young couple returns home from their trip across Romania with a pet as a memento

A young couple and their pet

When a couple was traveling through Europe in a campervan last year and crossed the border into Romania, they discovered that there were several stray dogs in every area.

Dogs were attempting to survive and evade the heavy traffic despite having several illnesses and injuries. The public dog catchers who would take these dogs to kill them in shelters posed the greatest threat to their safety.

They were forced to act when they noticed another stray dog outside the bar. She reminded that woman of Sasha, her childhood dog.

The woman initially believed the dog had dumped something on her head, but it was actually a large, dark scar. Additionally, she had a noticeable growth on the side of her head.

The dog was abandoned three years ago, the bar manager informed them. The couple desired to assist that adorable girl.

They requested assistance from Barking Mad Dog Rescue, a nonprofit organization established in the UK. They offered that their vet look after her in their shelter and were extremely friendly people. They also gave her the name Chooky and had to transport the young child to the shelter.

A young couple comes back home with a four-legged souvenir from their travel across Romania

They put a neckband on her as they were driving to the shelter, slept with her in the vehicle, and gave her a lot of hugs. That adorable dog simply won the pair over.

Three months later, Chooky arrived in the UK and joined their family. Now that she is deserving of it, she has the greatest sofa in their home.

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