Aasha, the rescued, suffering tigress, miraculously transforms

A rescued, suffering tigress has changed

Bengal tigress Aasha had a challenging past. She was made to join a travelling circus where she was treated horribly and her health spiralled out of control. She was also assaulted by a larger tiger that was housed in the same cage as her. Aasha was in a miserable condition.

She was fortunately saved by the kind staff of a wildlife rescue facility. Vicki Kihei, the shelter’s founder, removed the tigress from the circus. Aasha was examined, and it was discovered that she had ringworm and bite marks from another tiger.

The rehabilitation centre was founded by the poor tigress. She received all the care she needed to be well and grow strong. After eight months, she had undergone a full transformation as she started to grow normally and gain strength.

Following her recovery, the staff set Aasha up with another tiger Smuggler in an effort to find her a dependable friend.

Aasha herself wasn’t afraid of the male animal, who was overjoyed to meet her. Even still, there was some attraction there.

The couple is currently housed together. They care deeply about, respect, and adore one another. Their connection is unique and wonderful.

Together, the two are now forging an incredible and fantastic friendship. Aasha is overjoyed to be in such a welcoming environment and be surrounded by such kind people.

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