Abused pony embraces the person who, just in time, saved him from being sold for meat

A person saved a pony from being sold for meat

Kirk and Natasha Hance purchased a modest property in Fort Worth, Texas, with the intention of providing an area where their five children and rescue horses could congregate and prosper. However, they were unaware that someday their family would grow to include more horses.

The couple happened upon the estate’s competitive horse auction. The majority of the customers came from butcher shops. The reason for this was the significant demand for horse meat in nations like China, Germany, and Switzerland. Just before the two little horses were delivered to the butcher, Kirk managed to save them. One of the rescued ponies, Tobias, displayed symptoms of severe maltreatment and neglect. He sat all day staring at the ground with his head bowed. He resisted the family’s efforts to pet or touch him. Kirk had real concerns that the horse was really despondent.

However, Tobias only understood he was saved and that the love he was receiving after 48 hours. He was relieved and happy when he at last acknowledged Kirk as his father. You’ll cry seeing this video of Tobias hugging his new father.

You can watch Tobias eventually realising he was safe and giving Kirk a hug in the video below to show his appreciation.

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