Actress from the “Pirates of the Caribbean”: this is how Naomi Harris, who played the role of Calypso, changed

Calypso from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” and this is how the actress looks now.

As soon as the legendary film “The Pirates of the Caribbean” fell on the screens of the audience around the world, people were immediately fascinated by this interesting character in Calypso, who played the role of a goddess pretending to be a fortuneteller. The charming actress, who played this role, quickly won millions of hearts.

Considering that Naomi brilliantly and so realistically played a role in the cinema, many remembered the actress as Calypso. Probably, there was no one who would not like this charismatic and intriguing character.

To make her more like the heroine that she was going to play, makeup artists spent the clock to give her a realistic appearance, and they succeeded.

The cult actress began her acting career at 11 years old. Then she clearly realized that she was passionate about acting, and decided to enter the theater university. Thanks to the main role in “28 days later”, Naomi received universal recognition and was not going to stop there.

Since the actress leads a closed lifestyle, practically nothing is known about her present life. People believe that the 43-year-old actress is not married and has not yet given birth to children.

Moreover, she is engaged in a role model, and also periodically appears on the covers of magazines, captivating absolutely everyone with her unearthly beauty and originality.

It is worth noting that each appearance of the actress produces a splash, because she always chooses successful outfits. Harris brilliantly starred in 20 films and is not going to stop there. Despite the closed lifestyle, she periodically shares her photo shoots on social networks, delighting her subscribers. No matter how surprising, Harris, despite the dense schedule, regularly plays sports.

As a result, it is in demand both in the film industry and in the modeling business.

Have you watched the legendary film? What can you say about the cult actress?

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