After 5 years of searching, the dog immediately falls asleep in the family’s arms

The dog immediately falls asleep in the family’s arms

A dog tried to come home for five years before succeeding.

Tanya Ohanian, the animal shelter’s canine director, received a call about a dog that had been discovered nearby in Cook County, Illinois. She figured it was simply another stray dog right away.

She had no idea that the puppy had squandered the last five years attempting to go home.

Staff at the canine shelter who had access to the microchip data assumed it was a dead end after scanning.

When the Microchip Hunters team arrived to lend a hand, further information regarding the poppy’s past was soon discovered. The puppy was not stray and nameless after all, according to the newly discovered information about her past. Her family has been looking for her for the past five years, and her real name is Dottie.

The canine director immediately called Dottie’s family to share the good news after learning the information.

George Loving, Dottie’s father, could not believe his ears when he heard how long it had been since he had seen his beloved dog.

It made me cry several nights, Loving said to The Dodo.

Unexpectedly, he found her in his arms once more.

Ohanian remarked, “We were all very, very happy.”

The family of Loving was concerned that the dog might not be able to identify them after five years apart. However, it became clear right away that she was completely aware of their identities.

Even the shelter staff could not stop crying as they witnessed the long-lost friend settling down in the arms of her family since the reunion scene was so emotional.

Here is the reunion video.

Ohanian remarked, “It was emotional for all of us.” We were probably all in tears.

Nobody is certain of all the hardships and difficulties that Dottie has faced on her voyage. That mystery will never be solved as well, but for the time being, her family is content to enjoy their reunion.


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