After 6 years on the streets, a battered cat finally finds a home

A battered cat finally finds a home

In midsummer 2019, a shabby red-haired cat, about 6 years old and likely having spent all of those years on the road, was managed to capture and positioned in the Minnesota Humane Society sanctuary.

The cat appeared to have survived a hundred cat and dog battles; his body was covered in scars, one ear hung like such a rag, and he had well almost lost an eye.

He was also diagnosed with feline adenovirus at the same time (FIV).

At the same time, the cat was not savage and did not avoid humans. On the opposite, he was incredibly loving and started meowing as soon as someone caressed him.

They gave the cat the name Bruce Willis and started looking for a home for him. Everybody who came to the sanctuary to adopt a cat managed to meet Bruce with meowing and love, but in the end, people preferred baby animals or prettier cats. Bruce was never going to get the best moment.

On August 8, nevertheless, everything altered. That’s when a woman named Sandra came to the rescue’s Fb page, and as she began scrolling via photos of kittens looking for homes, her eyes were drawn to a photo of Bruce.

«And I was just hit in the heart. »

Sandra came to the sanctuary a few days back and asked to see the terribly bad red cat with the soulful eyes. Sandra enjoyed Bruce, but she wasn’t prepared to get a pet on a long-term basis. Furthermore, the homeowner of the residence where she rented a room had imposed a “no cats or dogs” policy.

Sandra came back home from the sanctuary without Bruce, but hopeful that he would be picked up soon.

Sandra visited the sanctuary several times to speak with the cat, but a month passed and Bruce still had no owner. Sandra’s heart was broken.

That’s when she made her decision. She forwarded images of the cat to the homeowner, requesting permission to continue him as an exception. And the homeowner couldn’t stand it and let it happen!

Sandra returned to the shelter a few times to talk with the cat, but after a month, Bruce still had no holder. Sandra’s heart had been damaged.

She made her choice at that point. She sent pictures of the cat to the holder, writing to request permission to keep him as an exception. And the house owner couldn’t take it any longer and let it occur!

«He agreed to sign the paper and said, ‘How can you say no to those eyes?’

Bruce soon arrived at Sandra’s house and began acting as if he had continued to live there for a looooong period. When the woman began stroking him, he extended out on the floor and purred.

«He purred all night the first night. And he’s been going to follow me wherever I go since that day. »

Bruce no longer has to battle for food because he has a warm home, lots of toys, and a lovable owner who is always prepared to pet and caress him.

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