After a year, the deaf and blind dog recognised her grandpa right away

The deaf and blind dog

Here is Bitsy, a great blind and deaf dog. Her dad was concerned that they wouldn’t be able to raise her when she initially showed up at Hyden Kristal’s home.

But as time went on, the perceptive dog showed why she deserved to be a part of their family. Bitsy was very vivacious, fun, and endearing. She adored Steve, her father, and Kristal.

The dog and the man shared a unique bond. They grew to be close friends. Steve was her sweet grandfather. She cherished the time she got to spend with him hanging out, going for walks, and playing with him.

However, Kristal and Bitsy were compelled to leave the family due of the COVID. They were lone residents. And they had the chance to see them once more after a year.

Steve found it intriguing and fascinating that the dog recognised him after such a long separation.

The meeting was unexpected. The moment Bitsy saw her favourite person again, she felt fantastic. She started kissing and hugging him. Fantastic and filled with wonderful emotions, the occasion was.

The devoted dog would never forget Kristal’s gorgeous friend, she was certain. Everyone found it incredible that they were all back together.

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