After seeing a homeless kitten, a woman locates her family

A homeless cat and a women

On a weekend, Katie Long was out for a stroll close to her home in Arkansas when she saw some weird noises in the middle of the street.

She discovered a damp and terrified little kitten when she approached to investigate the whining sound.

After some time of standing there in shock, Long recalled, “we moved her out of the road to try to figure out what to do.”

Katie started looking about since she thought the kitten’s mother was close by, but it took her hours to realise the kitten was probably abandoned.The distressed kitten, seeking solace from Katie, clung to her.

We looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find a mama, long remarked. She would come back to me crying after I put her down, which caused me to cry.

Katie went to a nearby shop and asked passersby if they knew anything about missing kittens, but no one was able to provide her with any useful information.

Long claimed, “Everyone stared at me like I was crazy.”

She was still in search of solutions, so she decided it would be best to deliver the kitten to a nearby animal shelter. She was trying to find a shelter, when out of the corner of her eye, she observed a man walking to his mailbox.

We sped over, and I jumped out of the car holding her in my arms, according to Long. “I enquired of him if he knew where her family was. Oh yeah, I guess Bill’s cat just had kittens, he said.

The kitten was quickly transported to her family’s home.

When we arrived, Long noticed three cats in the front yard, one one that was eerily similar to her. Mama immediately began feeding and washing her when I set her down.

I’m amazed that we located her family. Long spoke. It’s amazing how quickly you may develop feelings of attachment to a defenceless infant.

Then Katie made a video of her quest for the kitten’s family.

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