After two months of wearing a Christmas sweater, a shelter dog has finally found a “new” home

A shelter dog has finally found a “new” home

Bobby, a dog surrendered to Miami-Dade Animal Services, quickly melted the heart and soul of the volunteers and formed a bond with them.

Unfortunately, Bobby was not instantly adopted. In reality, things didn’t go so well for him after two months at Miami-Dade Animal Services. This is due to his inclusion on a list that no animal desires to be on: the code red list.

Nevertheless, Bobby’s fortunes changed as a result of social media. On the Internet, a photo of him wearing a Christmas sweater surfaced. But, in stark contrast to the holiday sweater, Bobby’s expression was depressed and heartbroken.

The volunteers who assisted him wished that the picture would result in a magic and save Bobby’s life.

The photo’s caption was also heartbreaking. It urged audiences of the picture to do the right thing because Bobby would die if they did not.

To sweeten the deal, Miami-Dade Animal Services offered to pay the adoption fee for Bobby. They simply needed someone to provide him with a new forever home…

And that person was discovered!

There was an immediate outpouring of support. Many people wanted to adopt him. Robert Miller was one of those people. When he saw Bobby’s sweet, sad expression, he realised he had to intervene.

Robert works for a local rescue organisation, so he understands firsthand what occurs to puppies like Bobby when they can’t be adopted.

But Paola, another shelter volunteer, beat Robert to it! Bobby had been picked up by his breastfeeding mother and taken to the vet clinic for a checkup by the moment he arrived at the shelter. He was treated there for a number of minor issues.

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