After years of ignorance, this dog underwent an impressive transformation

A dog underwent an impressive transformation

This dog, who allegedly had been abandoned by his owner in the past, was a resident of a Tokyo animal shelter when, with the aid of a team of dog grooming volunteers, he underwent an incredible transformation.

The volunteers were appalled to see this poor dog covered in thick dirt, with hair so matted that it had begun to grow dreadlocks all over his body, and with no way to distinguish which side of his face was which when they arrived at the shelter. It was impossible for him to picture the beautiful Poodle hiding behind the messy appearance.

The shelter managers decided to call the dog Ginta, which is Japanese for “silver child,” because it is painful to think that a person is capable of abandoning his puppy and having to pay for his carelessness. The name made the dog’s already miserable mood even worse.

Fortunately, these sympathetic people were moved by the plight of young Ginta and did not hesitate to help him.

Although Ginta had been abandoned, he first behaved with extreme shyness and anxiety in front of the volunteers. Over time, though, he began to approach them with curiosity.

The volunteers started the makeover once they had the dog’s trust.

The amount of hair that needed to be cut was considerable.

Ginta’s body was covered in grime, making the treatment challenging and lengthy.

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