All network users were enchanted by this baby’s lengthy eyelashes

Baby’s lengthy eyelashes

People who see Chloe walking her dog Walt may ask why she glues the animal’s eyelashes and makes fun of him. However, the dog has had this characteristic since birth, and the girl confirms that they are real, therefore nobody is being made fun of.

Walt is fortunate that his mistress is a groomer since she provides him daily baths, once a week hair grooming, and manicures. What can I say, he likes the attention that others give him! He loves getting praise and adoration for his amazing eyelashes.

Walt is now 10 months old, and Chloe claims that she chose him precisely due of his endearing features.

The length of Walt’s eyelashes is extraordinary. I adore them since they are so long and curly. Because they resemble false eyelashes, some people assume they are artificial, » adds Shaw.

However, this characteristic is not well-liked by vets. They advise removing the eyelashes because they may impair the animal’s vision. Chloe is confident that her pet will be okay as long as she takes good care of him.

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