Amazing “broken” furniture made by a woodworker that appears to belong in a cartoon

Wonderful so called “broken” furniture

Cartoon Woodworking Project

Henk Verhoeff, a true master, creates incredible woodworking pieces that give comics to reality. The sculptures have oversized cracks created in the middle of their overblown shapes, and the results appear as if they belong in a Disney or Looney Tunes cartoon. The best part is that each of these components is fully operational. This makes its “broken beyond restoration” architecture all the more amazing because it demonstrates how pleasure and utility can coexist.

53 years ago, Verhoeff began carving wooden objects professionally. Today, he is retired. He clearly loves the medium and uses it as a vehicle for his artistic expression. And now that he has more free time, he may create anything that comes to him, no matter how absurd it may be. As a result, he has added lights to his drawers, giving the impression that lightning has hit them.

The New Zealand woodworker begins his creations without any specific build ideas, but he pays close attention to detail as they are being put together. If the proportions or features are off, he periodically begins over, and as a finishing touch, he applies a durable lacquer. Every item can require between 80- and 100-hours total.

Occasionally, Verhoeff offers his incredible furnishings for sale online. To learn more about what will be made available soon, join him on Fb.

Henk Verhoeff, a master woodworker, creates incredible woodworking creations with a great sense of humour that bring drawings to reality.

Cartoon Woodworking Projectv

Cartoon Woodworking Project

Along with being attractive, they serve a purpose.

Cartoon Woodworking ProjectvCartoon Woodworking ProjectAmazing Woodworking ProjectvAmazing Woodworking ProjectCartoon Woodworking ProjectCartoon Woodworking ProjectAmazing Woodworking ArtAmazing Woodworking ArtAmazing Woodworking Art

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