Amazing menagerie of animals constructed by artist using LEGO bricks

Amazing animals with LEGO bricks

Orangutan In The Rain Sean Kenney

Clay, plaster, and stone are some of the common materials used by classical artists, but Brooklyn-based artist and “pro kid” Sean Kenney chooses to use LEGOs instead. Everyone is familar with the medium of LEGO blocks. The vibrant bricks serve as many aspiring young artists’ first exposure to architecture and sculpture. Kenney continues to use the toys for this goal, fusing detailed blueprints with his skill as a cartoonist. He’s been using his preferred medium recently to create a variety of animals for the travelling exhibition Nature Connects. The display, created by Imagine Exhibitions, poses the question, “How is our natural environment interrelated, much like LEGO bricks are?”

Kenney’s artwork features both plants and animals, some of which are larger-than-life, and encourages viewers to chance upon anything from a crouching clouded cat to a towering hummingbird poised over a lily. Over the course of several months, the sculptor works with a group of artists to plan, study, and create each piece. Every construction might require up to nine months and about 50,000 bricks, depending on its size. Large sculptures by Kenney frequently seem to defy gravity. One can observe the cunningly disguised steel structure that bears the weight of the bird in an instructive film that demonstrates the construction of a hummingbird sculpture. Each LEGO brick also has adhesive on it. Over 150 natural works of art have been accomplished by Kenney and his crew.

In the course of a 15-year career, Kenney has produced innumerable vibrant works, including LEGO portraits and architectural replicas. All around the United States, gardens and zoos display his statues. The medium’s availability contributes to the amazement that the imaginative sculptor’s work elicits. The paradox of a child’s toy being used to create exceptional art provokes discussion about how adults may keep imagination and creativity in everyday life.

Additionally, Nature Connects aims to increase public awareness of the threats facing threatened animals. For instance, forest degradation, the clouded leopard of Taiwan is facing a severe loss of habitat and may soon become extinct. One of the major obstacles, according to Kenney, is capturing an animal’s soft characteristics and attractive face in a medium that is typically quite blocky and low-resolution. “When you complete something, you truly complete it. You take a backward stride and feel pleased.

At the moment, you may see Kenney’s jaw-dropping statues at the Denver Zoo, Flamingo Gardens, and the San Antonio Zoo. Additionally, you may learn more about the five mobile statue sets at Imagine Exhibits if you’re intent on bringing Nature Connects to your zoo or park. Visit Kenney’s webpage to see more of his creations, such as the World of Bugs, Animal Super Powers, and Nature Pop! mobile LEGO exhibitions.

Sculptor Sean Kenney makes incredible animal creations out of LEGO blocks.

Fox Chasing A Rabbit Sean KenneyFather Duck and Ducklings Sean KenneyJumping Koi Sean KenneyPansy And Bee Sean Kenney

Construction on some can take up to 9 months.

Lion Sean KenneyMother Polar Bear and Cubs Sean Kenney

Kenney takes extra care to depict every animal’s face with passion and authenticity. Kenney takes extra care to depict every animal’s face with passion and authenticity.

Mother Polar Bear and Cubs Sean Kenney

Kenney makes life-size (and occasionally larger-than-life) artworks to honour the diversity of life on Earth and raise awareness for threatened animals.

Snow Leopard Sean KenneyPandas Sean Kenney

The dangers to clouded leopards and other exotic species are discussed in the article Deforestation.

Deforestation Sean Kenney

Whether the animal is threatened or not, each item involves thorough research and careful planning.

Coral Reef Sean Kenney

Every brick is adhered by a group of artists under Kenney’s direction.

At Work on Snow Leopard

See Kenney build a LEGO creature statue:

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