Amazing scale models illustrate the complexity of WWI trench warfare

Sculpture of World War I trench warfare

British Trench in World War I Model by Andy Belsey

Andy Belsey creates design structures over the course of the day, but it is the designs he creates in his spare time that have made him famous around the world. He has received praise in especially for his in-depth analysis of trench fighting in World War I. He is currently pouring all of his experience into Modelling WWI Trench Warfare, a book that Crowood Press has just released.

Since he was a little kid, Belsey has been attracted with miniatures, which sparked his interest in historical miniatures. He has spent the last 18 months turning his study and weblog posts about how to build these models into a book. He has been doing this since 2013.

It has been thoroughly studied how the French, Germans, and British built their trenches and shelters, and how this information might be used to produce lifelike models. Belsey has recently started working with renowned model makers like Mike Butler, a well-known figure artist. Butler, based in New Zealand, and Belsey, based in the UK, have been exchanging models via mail for more than a year. Collectively, they have been able to improve Belsey’s work by giving his troops’ features breathtaking reality.

Trench Warfare Scale Model by Andy Belsey

Belsey has been very occupied in the four years since we last looked in on him. According to him, he was just starting to build French and German trench versions in 2017. “At the moment, I have ten segment models, and every one explains a distinct facet of trench combat. They’ve attracted attention because people are finding them useful for vividly describing trenches and giving them colour. To create the models, I had to conduct extensive study, but every section of my book begins by describing their historical context before describing how I created them.

Rich detail can be found within every model. One of the models truly honours Belsey’s ancestry. Condensed versions of his grandpa’s World War I letters are on the desk in his British frontline trench. Belsey and Butler frequently include family members in their miniatures; examples include Belsey’s grandpa and brother serving as raiders and Butler’s great uncle taking a seat in an element that form to shave.

Belsey’s work is not just detailed but also instructive because it makes it evident exactly what went into this particular kind of war.

Andy Belsey is renowned for his magnificent 1:32 size replicas of trench fighting from World War I.

Andy Belsey Posing with His WWI Trench Models

He has received praise for his intricate models of the British, French, and German trenches.

Trench Warfare Scale Model by Andy BelseyWorld War I Scale Models by Andy Belsey

For the purpose of producing even more lifelike soldiers, he has even started working with famous model artist Mike Butler.

Historical Models Painted by Mike ButlerWorld War I Figure Painted by Mike Butler

Additionally, he adds sentimental details to the models, such as his grandpa’s war correspondence.

Detail of British WWI Trench Model

His enthusiasm for literature and creating these models is shared in his most recent book.
World War I Scale Models by Andy BelseyWorld War I Scale Models by Andy Belsey

It’s an excellent idea to read his book, Modelling WWI Trench Warfare, to find out more about how these models are made.

Models of WWI Trench WarfareTrench Warfare Scale Model by Andy BelseyWorld War I Scale Models by Andy BelseyModels of WWI Trench WarfareWebsite 

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