Amazing sculptures made by artist with hand-made textures that imitate aquatic life

Amazing sculptures that imitate aquatic life

Lisa Stevens Aquatic Sculptures

Beautiful ceramic artworks by artist Lisa Stevens mimic natural organic themes. She doesn’t use any stamps while creating the myriad of notches and ridges that make up her little ornamental elements. Rather, Stevens employs a range of tiny tools to produce the clean lines of her works.

Before starting her ceramic art business, Bristol-based Stevens worked as a designer for Aardman Animations. Today, the British designer draws inspiration for her radically varied forms from corals, florals, geology, moss, and lichen. While some of her bowls are kept as plain white porcelain, others have been painted with stoneware glazes or melted glass. Furthermore, Stevens frequently employs high-fired porcelain clay, which when held up to the light results in partially transparent works.

Her portfolio of work includes seashell-like bowls colored in vivid greens and oranges and decorated with various flower arrangements and aquatic patterns. In addition, Stevens creates other sculptures based on organs such as the heart and lungs, which she then fills with teeny-tiny holes and hatches. Stevens states that she “hopes to emphasize the problems that human influence has on the environment” in her artist statement. especially the way even minor variations in every one of our habits can build up to significant variances.

Via her Etsy store, Stevens sells her ceramic figurines. Additionally, by following the artist on Insta, you may stay up to speed with her most recent works.

Intricate ceramic artworks by British artist Lisa Stevens are based on geological and marine themes.

Lisa Stevens Aquatic Sculptures

These little ornamental pieces are created without the aid of stamps. Stevens uses her own techniques to create the sharp detail rather.

Aquatic Ceramics by Lisa StevensLisa Stevens Aquatic SculpturesLisa Stevens Aquatic SculpturesAquatic Ceramic SculptureCool CeramicsCool CeramicsAquatic Ceramics by Lisa StevensLisa Stevens Aquatic SculpturesAquatic Ceramics by Lisa StevensBeautiful Ceramics

And after she paints them, her masterpieces take on a completely new existence.

Painted Ceramic SculptureAquatic Ceramics by Lisa StevensLisa Stevens Aquatic SculpturesLisa Stevens Aquatic SculpturesPainted Ceramic Sculpture

Source: Etsy | Instagram


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