An abandoned dog who has been waiting outside an apartment building for three years is a person’s most devoted friend

An abandoned dog  is a person’s most devoted friend

The devotion of dogs has been the subject of numerous books and television shows.

Hay, the dog, visits the home where he formerly resided with his master every day in the morning and in the evening. It appears that the animal still aspires to meet his friend despite his betrayal.

The dog first caused fear in several residents, who reported their concerns to the police and requested that the dog and all stray animals be taken into custody. But there were also those who gave it regular care and nourishment.

«We provided Hay with meat or other food that we had specifically purchased. The dog helped us neighbours connect when we otherwise wouldn’t have,” Wang added.

On a small island, locals erected a makeshift tent so the dog could sleep there. Additionally, they brought him food there.

Hay is also rumoured to have avoided dog fights and never touched kids. a canine that is exceptionally perceptive, sensitive and gentle dog.

This dog is incredibly devoted. She has been patiently waiting for her owner since he left for three full years. She never considered leaving or looking for a new owner. One of the girls caring for the dog remarked, “She hopes that one day the prior owner would return for her.

Hay’s “guardians” even raised money in 2019 to take him to a veterinarian. The dog was treated by the vet, who also got rid of any parasites on him.

Locals are currently hunting for the dog’s new owner.


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