An amazing bird in black glasses with a yellow striped crown creates a rather attractive appearance

This species prefers moist mountain and foothill forest habitats.

The black-goggled tanager (Trichothraupis melanops) was discovered in the south-west of Peru in 2000.

Males wear black masks with a yellow strip on the crown.

The males have an olive-gray head and back, yellowish-brown below, wings and tail are black.

The females have no yellow head and black mask, and inside they are brown.

Young males also do not have a black mask.

Tanagra in black glasses is found in a small quantity in the forest.

And forest areas in most of the East and South of Brazil.

Along the East Andean slope in Peru, Bolivia, and far southeast Argentina.

This species prefers moist mountain and foothill forest habitats in the lower part of the eastern slope of the Andes, as well as nearby lowlands.

Tanagra in black glasses gets food, sometimes rising into the air to collect insects in flight.

Little is known about the marriage habits of this species.

Save that, it breeds in Brazil throughout October and November, creating cup-shaped nests.

The IUCN considers the population associated with the Andes, very local and unusual.

Since it is generally common and extensive.

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