An artist creates large tissue paper flowers that fit in a dreamy, candy-colored landscape

Flowers made from papers

Paper Flower Sculptures

“Paper couture” by artist Marianne Eriksen-Scott Hansen features bigger blossoms made of toilet tissue. The leaves and flowers that are created from the tiny colour sheets have an ethereal appearance despite being substantial things. They appear to be features in a fantasy world coloured in sweets.

Hansen’s paper works are heavily influenced by experimentation. She informs My Contemporary Met, “I have seldom let tradition or custom influence how I work with paper (or any other material).” I have a very broad and extensive background in crafts, but I also work instinctively and aesthetically. For example, her understanding of building techniques enables her to analyse a substance while creating novel usage scenarios. So, to speak, everything is in your hands. I want to have a conversation with the content. I’ll work my way in. researching as opposed to “mere” reworking and research testing your ability to “stretch” paper.

Hansen is aware of how closely her method resembles nature as she creates her own version of blossoms. She describes a whole as being made up of “many individual small parts that make up a whole, from cell to organism.” Harmony, symmetry, and contrasts the paper is restored to the organic substance it originally came from by my hand. It has been given the pliability and texture to mimic papyrus, wood, and other plant parts. I handle the paper hard, just as I would bark, rope, or branches. Or gently like porous petals or withered grass.

Tissue paper is used by artist Marianne Eriksen-Scott Hansen to make enormous, ethereal flowers.

Paper Flower SculpturesPaper Flowers by Marianne Eriksen-Scott HansenPaper Flower SculpturesPaper Flower SculpturesTissue Paper FlowersTissue Paper FlowersTissue Paper FlowersPaper Flower SculpturesTissue Paper Flowers

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