An artist creates realistic-looking embroidered felt sculptures of common food

Sculptures of common food

Embroidered Felt Coke Bottles

One of the most adaptable mediums for artistic expression is fabrics. There are countless inventive options because they are so simple to manipulate. Alicja Kozlowska, a Polish fabric artist, uses this adaptability to create lifelike felt representations of commonplace items. She starts with a felt design as her foundation then paints with her needle, mimicking the shading and minute nuances that give her Pop Art-inspired statues their realistic look.

My grandma taught me how to sew and crochet when I was a child, Kozlowska said to My Contemporary Met. “I acquired the fundamental, well-known skills from her. Since then, I’ve done a lot of traveling and had the chance to view the creations of this art form’s world-renowned experts. I evolved my own style over time as I gained experience.

The skilled embroiderer works both by hand and with a sewing machine equipped with an open-toe embroidered foot. She can use a range of stitches with the device. She bases her designs on mass-produced items that have distinctive forms and identifiable trademarks and uses her artwork to express her thoughts and sentiments about the pervasive consumerism that blights our globe.

According to Kozlowska, “drawing by sewing is for me the method to confront that fundamentally unpleasant, socially produced disinterest.” “I attempt to bring the audiences eye to our environment by creating vibrant and eye-catching Pop Art pieces. I demonstrate the speed and volume of consumerism, which is manufactured in both form and substance. I work to change people’s perceptions because the key to preserving our entire future of the earth is to raise awareness of ecological damage. I work to instill in people a sense of shared environmentally sound management and the conviction that we, and not politicians or big businesses, will change our habits. We are the ones who must recognize the need for change and, via our decisions, guide the world economy.

Check the artist’s webpage or join her on Insta to see more of her amazing work.

Alicja Kozlowska, a Polish fabric artist, creates lifelike sculptures of commonplace items out of embroidered felt.

Embroidered Felt Haribo Gummy BearsEmbroidered Felt CheetosFelt and Embroidery McDonald's French FriesFelt and Embroidery Pringles Can

Kozlowska addresses the “very unpleasant, socially created indifference” of materialism through her art.

Felt and Embroidery M&M'sFelt and Embroidery Red BullFelt and Embroidery KitKat WrapperEmbroidered Felt FantaFelt and Embroidery Banana PeelEmbroidered Felt Lays Potato ChipsEmbroidered Felt Tesco BagEmbroidered Felt Campbell's Soup Can

Some of them are nearly identical to the actual item in terms of appearance.

Alicja Kozlowska Embroidered Felt SculpturesAlicja Kozlowska Embroidered Felt SculpturesAlicja Kozlowska Embroidered Felt SculpturesAlicja Kozlowska Embroidered Felt Sculptures

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