An interesting case in Kenya: this is the case when these cute and beautiful twin elephants were born

How wonderful it is that rare twins are born in Kenya.

Elephants are huge creatures with the same huge hearts and characters! It is very interesting to watch the birth of an elephant, and even more interesting, if this is a couple of twins.

The trained guides of the organization «Save the Elephants» (STE) “Observation camps” found extremely rare pair of African twin elephants born in the national reserve Samburu in Northern Kenya. And they confirm the presence of a female and a male baby, which is extremely rare.

Such a wonderful miracle for mom to have a twitch.

Twins is rarely found in elephant populations, they account for only about 1% of births. Mothers often do not have enough milk to feed two calves. In fact, the birth of the twins was previously recorded only in Samburu in 2006, unfortunately, both cubs died shortly after birth.

Twins are the second descendant of the elephant named Bora, descending from the family of elephants of the winds II. Founded by his mother to a god and protected by an alert male, a rare newborn elephant swallowed the nutrients, which, as the defenders of nature hope, will help them survive the dangerous beginning in the Kenyan Safari Park.

Let them be safe, wild and free.

Two tiny elephants running after their parents are so charming and cute that they can melt the heart of any animal lover.

According to estimates, 36,280 elephants remained in Kenya, and this is 12% more than in 2014, when there were more ivory murders. In addition to the transformation of lands into agricultural land, the destruction of the habitat had a negative impact on the elephant population in Africa as a whole and led to a reduction in the population of African light elephants by at least 60% in half a day. A century has passed, as a result of which they were advertised as the disappearance of disappearance in the latest renewal of the red list of disappearing MSOP species.

Such cute, precious twins, I hope they will live a long life!

It is really sad for African elephants, they deserve a happier and safely life.

Absolutely beautiful mom must be so proud of her kids!

Congratulations, mom, they are so precious, let. God will take care of them and save them safe.

Blessings and angels of the Lord around them and over them for a long good life.

Please protect mothers and their precious children.

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