An interesting scene: a cute dog did not want to leave the mall, but then a security guard comes

A few dog friends are also not shy about joining the human world.

These 2 mall security teams, as well as this obscure dog, will definitely not stop working to make your day better. As for us, some dogs are shy and anxious in front of people, while many others like the attention and interaction with people. A few wolf friends are also not shy about opening up and joining the human world. In the fall of 2022, at the Actual Plaza de Centro Civico in Peru, people shopping downstairs had the opportunity to satisfy the fun-loving four-legged creature. Keep reading this until the end, and also look at the shock this puppy brought!

Andrea Neira, a shop worker in the square, saw a tan dog walking along the path. He admired light and showrooms, so he walked around shops. Considering that the puppy did not really try to hide his appearance, many people around quickly figured him out, including 2 guards. The two men wanted to quietly and carefully escort him out of the mall, but did not expect what would happen next.

The random pet didn’t really seem to belong to anyone shopping at the mall at the time. He was not tied to a leash and had no necklace. However, he was not afraid of individuals. When he discovered that the two guys were approaching him and also planning to kick him out, the furry guy threw an unpredictably very adorable tantrum instead of running away.

By the time the two guards slowly got to him, the pet was already pushing the ceramic tile floor and rolling around with its belly up and scratching the air with its four paws. The two men were counting on one of them to order the butt and two hind legs while the other man lifted his head and two front legs, and then they could push him off the pavement.

These two security officers had no idea how quickly they suffered mental defeat after physical contact with the puppy. The hysterical animal refused to leave so easily, just as the men could not stand it in front of its beauties. This went on for a while and made everyone smile.

Even Neira admitted that she enjoyed walking and petting this dog, but she couldn’t because she was still on shift. So she grabbed her smart device, recorded the adorable scene and also posted it on her TikTok network. Countless people online are amazed by what she shared.

It turned out that only these two guards had the opportunity to pet and have fun with the adorable dog. After that, he was carefully led out of the square, without hugging anyone else. If he made you laugh too, please click the Like and Share button, leave your comment in the box below, and click to read a couple more similar posts on our page!

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