An interesting story: in an interview, Jennifer Aniston touched on a very personal topic

The wonderful actress again spoke about her personal life.

Not so long ago, a new interview with Aniston was released. In a conversation with reporters, the star of the series “Friends” touched on one very personal topic. The actress admitted that she really had a desire to get pregnant, but the attempts were unsuccessful. She didn’t know at the time that eggs could be frozen. And by the time she knew about this possibility, it was already too late to do anything.

Aniston also shared revelations about one of her marriages. It was said that the reason for her divorce was precisely the fact that she could not get pregnant. The name of the ex-husband, the actress did not name, but many decided that we are talking about Brad Pitt.

After the publication of the interview, it became obvious how the actor reacted to it. Insiders report that Pitt behaved like a true gentleman and supported his ex-wife.

“They had their ups and downs, but now they are very good guys”, says Stylecaster.

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