An interesting story: this woman took an old dog similar to her childhood puppy, but something was wrong

Grandma surprised her when she was ten years old, giving a sweet puppy.

Nicole, like many young girls, wanted to have her own dog. Grandmother surprised her when she was ten years old, giving a sweet puppy, Pomeranian spitz and poodle.

“Once my mother and grandmother took me from school, and I saw a puppy sitting on my grandmother’s knees in a car with a beautiful pink bow in her hair,” Nicole wrote on Facebook. Nicole called her new best friend Chloe.

“Since my father received a job on which we could not have a dog, I had to leave it.” “It was extremely difficult,” she explained. The family passed Chloe to the Washington Society of Animal Protection, and they never found out what happened to their beloved dog after that.

So it was until 7 years later an absolute miracle occurred, an accidental act of fate.

Once her attention was drawn to a Facebook post from a friend who needed to shelter his elderly dog.

The dog resembled the old version of the childhood dog Nicole, Chloe, and they even had the same name. Nicole wanted to believe that this is the same dog, but how could something so extraordinary outside the Hollywood film happen?

“I had such a feeling …” Nicole is a writer.

Nicole took the dog without hesitation – in any case, it was a sign that she was supposed to give an elderly dog a safe shelter that loves the house. After meeting with the dog and bringing it to her house, she began to believe that it was the very dog with which she was forced to part in childhood.

“I kept it last night and just cried and cried, because this dog hugged me in response, and I just kept it close to heart. At heart I knew that it was my Chloe. ”

Nicole contacted her friend on Facebook, from whom she adopted Chloe to find out where she got to Chloe. A friend explained that she adopted Chloe from an elderly woman who died two years ago.

She stated that she was talking with the nephew of the elderly owner, who stated that several years ago he took her to the Washington Society of Animal Protection to adopt a dog already called Chloe …

Mother Nicole called the animal protection society, where the family seven years ago Chipped Nicole to find out the exact number on the chip. Then Nicole made an appointment with the veterinarian to scan the chip Chloe. Nicole took her to the veterinarian to put the chip. They scanned, and it was an accurate call.

Nicole believes that this is a sign from her grandmother, who gave her a dog with a pink bow many years ago.

“I never thought in my most daring dreams that someday I would see this dog again, but here it is.”

As practice shows, miracles happen!

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