An island with their own hands: a married couple lives on a floating island, which was built for 29 years

For almost three decades they lived away from civilization, on their own island.

The quarantine because of coronavirus forced many people to experience real isolation for the first time.

For almost three decades, Wayne Adams and Katherine King consciously lived away from civilization, on his own floating island.

Former Katherine Dancer and Carper on Stone and Wayne wood are dripping on a floating island near the island of Vancouver. They call their house a «Freedom Cove».

At the end of the last century, the spouses left a rented apartment in Tofino, got rid of all the property and engaged in the collection of recyclables to build their own island on the surface of the water.

Wayne collected a platform from durable logs, it was they who became the basis of the island.

Over time, the «Liberty Bay» began to grow and increase in width and length.

As a result, there are many buildings on it, and the total weight of the island is estimated at 450 tons, so no storms are afraid of it.

As a result, there is a house on the island, greenhouses with vegetables, a dance floor (after all, Katherine could not completely abandon dancing), her own art gallery, a workshop for the manufacture of candles and signs-Solar.

Wayne was even able to design plumbing.

«Baie de la Liberté» is protected from absolutely free swimming only cables connecting the island with the shore.

The nearest colony is about 25 kilometers, so King and Adams were able to get real solitude.

They almost do not come to the couple, there are no excursions for the curious on the island.

But Katherine and Wayne have other guests, whom they love much more: crows, herons and sea seals. Would you like to live like that?

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